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Underfloor Heating Wire Mat Kit

The wire heating mat kits we supply consist of a thin heating cable which is attached to a sticky back mesh and spaced at the correct millimetre spacing for the desired W/m2 output.

The kits are available in 100w,150w and 200w output and are comprised of a heating mat, choice of thermostat and kit accessories required for the correct installation of your system.

The choice of sizes available range range from 1m2 to 18m2.

Wire Underflooor Heating Mat

Wattage Outputs

100w Electric Underfloor Heating Mat Kit

The 100w/m2 Electric Underfloor Heating mats kits offer a cost-effective floor heating solution and are compatible for use on concrete and timber suspended subfloors* (*plywood/moisture proof chipboard).

150w Electric Underfloor Heating Mat Kit

The 150w/m2 Electric Underfloor Heating Mat kits can be used as the sole source of heat in bathrooms, en-suites, kitchens etc when used in conjunction with the XPS/Tile Backer insulation boards or can act as a complimentary heating system to central heating systems.

200w Ambient Electric Underfloor Heating Mat Kit

The 200w/m2 Electric Underfloor Heating Mat kits are perfect for use as the sole source of heating and primarily designed for use in conservatories, orangeries and areas of high heat loss.


The Electric Underfloor Heating Sticky Mat uses the same high quality cable as the Loose Cable kit, the mat kit simply uses a sticky fibreglass mesh to ensure the desired heat output is acheived by spacing the cable at the correct distance. It also makes the installation of the system extremely easy as the mat is simply rolled out to cover the required heating area.

The system uses a series type heating cable with a twin conductor and a cold lead of 2m at one end.

The resistance heating wire is enclosed in an initial fluoropolymer insulation layer, which is itself is wrapped in a protective metal shielding, before being encased in a final plastic outer sheath. The final diameter of the twin conductor cable is 2mm. The Hot and Cold lead junctions are uniquely designed to make them 100% foolproof.

Wire Underflooor Heating Mat

Meets all test requirements of IEC 60335.

CE certified by SGS.

Under floor heating provides heat where required, resulting in optimal heat utilization and minimal losses.

Can be laid on any area, or any floor layout.

Close and uniform spacing of heating cables, associated with thermostat controls to select temperature requirements, provides higher comfort.

WarmHeat underfloor heating systems are designed to be easy to install, with clear instruction manuals professional technical support and amazing back up.

A wide range of heat loads and sizes ensure suitability to all kinds of floorings.

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