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Underfloor Heating Foil Mat Kit

Our Aluminium Foil Mat Kits are designed for use underneath laminate and engineered wooden floating floors.

With a heat output of 140w/m2 they will ensure fast response time, even heat distribution and the aluminium backed matting means no need for any self-levelling compounds prior to installation of the finished floor.

They MUST be used in conjunction with the XPS or XPS SR Underlay in order to ensure system stability and to validate the guarantee.

Our kits are comprised of a heating mat, choice of thermostat and kit accessories required for the correct installation of your system.

The choice of sizes available range range from 1m2 to 24m2.

Wire Underflooor Heating Mat


WarmHeat Supplies Under Wood system is an ultra thin electric radiant floor heating system primarily for use under laminate, engineered wood, glued hardwood and other floating floors. Advantage of using this system is the ease of installation and uniform heating of your laminate flooring. The special materials used makes it free from problems of Hot-Spots or localized heating.

This system is made with Fluoropolymer insulated heating cables sandwiched between two layers of specially reinforced aluminium foil. The uniform spacing of the heating elements, further backed by the aluminium foil, ensures even heat distribution.

The heating element is connected to a power-supply cable, which exits the laminate mat from one corner. The power lead is a flat thin two core flexible cord, consisting of two insulated conductors with a metal sheath and an outer sheath.

This type of underfloor heating is available in a heat outputs of 140 W/ma². It is available in predetermined lengths with cold tail â prefabricated & tested in a carefully controlled factory environment.

The Hot and Cold lead junctions are uniquely designed to make them 100% foolproof.

Foil Underflooor Heating Mat

Meets all test requirements of IEC 60335.

SEMKO certified

Under floor heating provides heat where required, resulting in optimal heat utilization and minimal losses.

Can be laid on any area, or any floor layout.

Close and uniform spacing of heating cables, associated with thermostat controls to select temperature requirements, provides higher comfort.

WarmHeat underfloor heating systems are designed to be easy to install, with clear instruction manuals professional technical support and amazing back up.

A wide range of heat loads and sizes ensure suitability to all kinds of floorings.

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